Food from my childhood

“Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom’s homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past.”

-Homaro Cantu-

My mom would usually tell me about the food that she had when she was a little kid, how our family was poor at that time and meat in a meal would be a feast, because usually they have to eat rice mixed potatoes, with coixseed, and other food that I couldn’t remember the name. And even though those food are considerd “poor food”, they still feel very endearing to her, and she had so much memories attached to those dishes. I’m a bit like my mom is this aspect, as in I usually think about my childhood through food I used to eat. Today I want to write about them, the food that left me with a lot of emotion and motivation for my current kitchen adventure.


Photo: Me when I was 17 tongue

Bài post tiếng Việt:  Những món ăn ngày bé

Phở (Vietnamese rice noodles)

When I was little I only like chicken phở. Beef, for me, was so chewy and boring, so not delicious! Once there was the Mad cow disease, and I would that as an excuse to eat only chicken phở. My mom makes the best phở! Until now I still haven’t found any bowl of phở in any restaurant that could live up to that flavor from our kitchen.

I didn’t like eating green onion at that time, nor lemon, nor fresh veggie, in short I said no to any type of condiments. My family used to say that I didn’t know how to enjoy a proper bowl of phở, because I didn’t even like Youtiao (Chinese doughnut, which is a very popular accompaniment for phở in Vietnam).

I am now able to eat every condiment with phở: beansprouts, green onion, even adding lemon and eating pho with Youtiao.

Summer rolls

Until it is still one of my favourite dish, and I can eat it no matter the weather is hot or cold. My rolls now is filled with almost everything, meat, salad, and other ingredients. But the rolls of the little me only contained one thing: the fat part of the meat. Whenever we eat summer rolls with pork belly I would eat the meat part and then put the remaining fat I my rolls, without anything else!

When I think about that now, I’m kinda amaze with my younger self, how I could eat ten rolls like that without feeling sick at all. Now whenever I eat summer rolls, I would always do one roll with only meat, as a nod to my childhood wink

Rice with salt, rice with sugar

I think most children have really weird palate. And sometimes the palate is so weird that when we grow up, we think about some of the dish we used to love and wrinkle our nose and shivers big grin

When I was small I loved eating rice with sugar or salt! Just a bowl of plain rice, mixed with salt or sugar, and I just ate away…

Snail crackers

This is one of my mom’s dishes that impressed me the most. With just a little bit of flour, some eggs, she kneaded it into a smooth dough, and then she takes small balls from that dough and press them down a board with little  grooves on the surface (it’s quite similar to a gnocchi board). After rolling, the shape kinda resembles a snail so my mom call named them that way. After that she just deep fry them, coat them in sugar and off they went into a cookie jar.

She always make a big jar of this dish, but with my father, my brother and me devouring them with little self-control, the crackers is gone after just a few days, and we would wait until Sunday so she would make them again.

Whenever my mom made this dish, I would always be by her side. My mom would give me a small ball of dough to play with and shape into whatever I want. I would shape them and then reshape them so many times that the dough eventually lost its elasticity, and became almost rock hard after frying, but the little me still devoured it with so much happiness.

Chicken tail

Yes, I adored this part of the chicken when I was little big grin be it boiled, fried, stir-fried, I would always eat the tail first.

Until one point I just suddenly lose interest in it. As for the reason, my memory is cut short at this point…

Vietnamese pickled eggplants

I still love Vietnamese pickled eggplants. Normal pickled eggplants are delicious, eggplants pickled with chili and garlic is even more wonderful. I can finish a whole bowl of rice with just pickled eggplant and vegetable soup.

My mom didn’t let me eat too much of the eggplants though, because they don’t have much nutritious value, and we have a saying in Vietnam which goes “One eggplant will cost you three batches of medicine”.

That’s my childhood’s favourite dishes. Some are so weird, and some are simple but still, they were dishes that I absolutely adored as a kid, and some I still love until now. I always believe that food can leave a lot of memories for people eating them, and this is why whenever I cook something, I always try to put my heart in it, so that whoever is eating it will feel absolutely fulfilled and satisfied.

That was quite a rant! I hope you guys didn’t feel too bored. My freezer is now stuffed with ingredients, so I will soon introduce new recipes on this blog. See you guys soon ^^

3 thoughts on “Food from my childhood

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  2. Oh man. What an amazing childhood.
    Those snacks sound delicious.
    Rice with salt definitely sounds simple but I can see the magic in that.

    The eggplant remark really cracked me up.
    I saw one of Alton brown’s episode on eggplant and he too said that there is no nutrients in eggplant.
    Sigh which is quite sad because they are such delicious vegetables.


    • Thank you for reading ^^

      My mom even told me that I sometimes ate rice with sugar and banana or mango :)) now that I think about it it sounds so much like a rice pudding lol.

      And for the eggplants! I know right? They are so freaking delicious, and I was really really sad when my mom said it was bad for my health and she put a limit on how much I can consume in a week lol.


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