Infused water

The last two weeks in France is so hot, as the country is having a heat wave, the temperature is always around 30°C, even in the evening. With this hot weather, medias never fail to remind people to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. To be honest, I am very lazy when it comes to drinking water blush as I only drink when I’m very thirsty, so with this heat wave, I try to think of ways to encourage myself to drink more. One of the ways that I found was to use fruit infused water.

Fruit infused water is simply plain water with chopped fruit in it, let sit and infused for a few hours. There’s no added sugar, only the natural taste and sweetness of the fruit blended in with the water, so it’s always so fresh and nice to drink. Thanks to this, infused water is packed with health benefits, first and foremost it makes drinking more water so much more fun and easy, I mean, just look at how beautiful a bottle of water with fruit is and already I want to keep drinking, and there is also the vitamin that is packed in the fruits themselves. Furthermore since there is no added sugar, infused water is usually used for detoxing and weight-loss.

It is very simple to make infused water, and the ingredients are very versatile, as you can choose and combine whatever fruits you want or have in your fridge, and you can change the ingredients as well as its quantities according to your taste and purpose. You can also do a small amount and infuse in a glass of water to serve right away.

Infused water 2

Công thức tiếng Vịệt: Nước ngâm hoa quả

I’m current in love with these 3 combinations, and they all have mint in it because I love the freshness that mint brings when infused in water:

Lime, orange, cucumber, mint

Infused water 1

The sourness and slightly bitter taste of orange and lime goes really well with the freshness of cucumber and mint. Before I only add mint and cucumber into my water to freshen it up, but with orange and lime it is so delicious and is a really fast way to quench your thirst. Thanks to the vitamin in orange and lime, a gulp of this water makes you feel like all the tiredness have disappeared.

Orange, pineapple, mint

Infused water 4

The slight sweet and sour taste of pineapple combined with the freshness of orange and mint is really delicious. The color is very vibrant as well, with a lot of orange and yellow, making you feel full of energy, a glass of this vibrant color infused water is very suitable for outdoor barbeque parties.

Watermelon, cucumber, lime, mint

Infused water 3

Lastly is the combination of the sweet fragrance and taste of watermelon, the sourness of lime and the freshness of cucumber and mint. This is my favorite combination because it is so refreshing and fragrant. A sip of this and all the heat is chased away in an instant!

Here are some popular combinations I’ve found on the internet:

  • Ginger, mango – Boosting metabolism, reduce pain (headache, period pain), reduce morning or motion sickness.
  • Apple, cinnamon – boosting metabolism and detox
  • Strawberry, cucumber, grapefruit – reduce fat and sugar in your body
  • Lemon, strawberry, apple, cinnamon, mint – craving control, good for your skin
  • Orange, grape – providing energy
  • Strawberry, lemon, ginger – boosting metabolism
  • Kiwi, cucumber, lime, mint – detox, good for your skin
  • Cucumber, raspberry, grape – detox
  • Pineapple, mint – reduce pain, boosting metabolism

(Sources: Lose Weight by Eating ; Blogilates ; All Parenting ; Reality of You ; Bembu)

You can also make infused water with coconut juice or sparkling water for parties. You can also freeze small fruits such as strawberry, grapes, raspberries, etc to ice and infused your drink at the same time. I hope you will always have a nice bottle of infused water for the summer, and if you have any nice combinations please feel free to share with us big grin

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