Corn milk

The weather in France is starting to get chilly, so of course I crave for something nice and warm. Passing the metro stations these days you can always see carts that sell roasted corn. Looking at the corn in the carts, I suddenly think of corn milk, and the dish keeps haunting my mind for a whole week, so finally I decided to go into the kitchen and make some.

Corn milk 2_copy

Corn is pretty much a popular dish that can be eaten all year round, thanks to the amazing technology of processing the corn after harvesting, so even canned corn or frozen corn still keeps their natural taste. However I never use canned or frozen corn for corn milk, simply because beside using the corn kernels, I also use the cob, the husk and the silk, to enhance the corn smell and to get nutritions from them.

Corn milk 4_copy

There are a lot of different recipes on the internet. My recipe is derived from reading a lot of recipes, and at the same time tweaking them to suit my taste. Some recipe use milk or condensed milk to make corn milk, sometimes they use both. I prefer using milk since I think it keeps the natural sweetness of the corn, and using unsweetened milk meaning you can add sugar to your taste when you drink it. In addition, most recipes only use sweet corn to make milk, but I also added a field corn to thicken the milk a little bit and add a touch of creaminess to it.

Công thức tiếng Việt: Sữa ngô (bắp)

timer_318-10184 Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

_318-698 Cooking time: 30 minutes

 Servings: 800ml – 1l milk

* Ingredients:

  • 2 sweet corns
  • 1 field corn
  • 1,2l water
  • 80ml unsweetened milk

luckYou can use only sweet corn if you want.

luckIf you prefer to drink sweet corn milk, replace unsweetened milk with sweetened milk or 50ml of condensed milk.

Corn milk 1_copy

* Directions:

1. Rinse the corn, discard the outer layer of the husk (which is usually the old and dirty part). Keep the inner husk and the corn silk. Use a knife to cut the kernels, break the cobs into 2-3 pieces and put in a big sauce pan with the husk and silk.

Corn milk process 1

2. Pour the water in the pan and bring to a boil, when the water is boiled reduce the heat to medium and simmer for 10 minutes. Your kitchen will smell so nice with the corn fragrance at this moment love After that discard the cobs, husk and silk. Try to squeeze the husk to get as much as the stock before discarding it.

Corn milk process 2

3. If some water is lost due to evaporation during the boiling, you can add some more water to get 1,2l. Use 800ml to puree the corn kernels.

Corn milk process 3

4. Pour the mixture in a sauce pan, bring to a boil then reduce to medium heat and let simmer for 10 minutes, stir once in a while to prevent the kernels from burning.

Corn milk process 4

5. Place a cheesecloth over a sieve, pour the mixture in, use a spatula or a spoon to press so that the milk can get through. Then mix the pulp with the remaining 400ml of water and pour the mixture little by little into the cheesecloth, using your hand to squeeze the milk out. Then all you have to do is mix in the unsweetened milk and you have delicious corn milk 😀

Corn milk process 5

Corn milk is delicious served warm or cold. Since it’s homemade and we don’t use any preservation, the milk will separate when you store in the fridge, so remember to shake well before you drink it.

Corn milk 3_copy

It’s corn season in France now so corn are sold for very very cheap. I went to the Indian market and got 8 corns for only 2€.

Corn milk 5_copy


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