Moving and a new adventure

No one can foresee anything in life. The last time that I moved out, I swore that I would never move anywhere far ever again. And here I am, only more than 1 year after, with all my life packed into 2 suitcases and 4 carton boxes, moving, and this time it’s to Grenoble, a city that is a 3-hour TGV trip from Paris, together with Matthias.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Chuyển nhà và hành trình mới

The reason I decided to move this time is pretty…bizarre. Long story short, I’ve decided that after a long while of studying only in English, it’s time for me to pick up a diploma in Marketing in French, to improve my vocabulary and my reflex, and also to improve my chance of finding a job opportunity in France. So after a quick search for a program, a hurried application, an interview after 1 week, I got accepted the day after.

Until now this is all very surprising and daunting for me, because I can tell that my level of French is not that good, so the fact that I somehow made my way through the interview is something I’ve never thought of. School starts one week after the acceptance date, so once again I had to hurry and pack all my life into suitcases and boxes and go to Grenoble.

I live with Matthias in an apartment, which is quite big, the only thing is that the apartment is on the 4th floor, so every time we climb up the stairs it’s really an exercising session laughing We have a washing machine, a fridge, a microwave and stove, the rest of the furniture we have to buy ourselves, but that’s nice for me, since we can decorate to our liking. Matthias is on a work placement contract, so he spends alternately 1 week studying in Grenoble and 2 weeks working in a company in Paris, so most of the time I will be the only ‘residence’ in this house, plenty of chance to cook and take photographs tongue


The kitchen, right after the door


We have half the room empty like this. We are planning to put a table there for when we have friends over.


Walk-in closet



Shelves and hangers

As I’m in my final stage of writing my doctoral thesis, so I will almost do 2 programs at the same time. To be honest, I sometimes feel exhausted just thinking of that, but at the same time the feeling of having a new challenge is quite exciting, so I really believe that I will manage, and of course Miamivores will always be updated, with new recipes as well as stories of my school life. I hope you guys will continue to stay with me.

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