Hulled mung beans and lotus seeds sweet soup

Mung bean soup 3

Matthias just came to Grenoble last weekend, and he came back to Paris to work. He only stays a short time, but already I feel that the house is much livelier, it’s much easier to cook, and I have the chance to make dishes that I wouldn’t usually make when I’m alone. One of said dishes is this Mung bean sweet soup with lotus seed, simply because (for me) if you make a small amount of sweet soup it just looks sad, and eating sweet soup alone is no fun either. It’s autumn now so the weather is a bit chilly, eating a bowl of warm sweet soup with Matthias, watching a movie, ignoring the cold outside, happiness is really this simple love

Mung bean soup 6

I learnt this dessert from one of my previous housemates. I am not a huge fan of yellow (hulled) mung bean sweet soup, because usually it’s done with a very thick texture, and is overly sweet, so I find it very heavy and cannot eat a lot. This sweet soup, although made with a very similar method as the thickened mung bean sweet soup, has much more water so it’s thinner, and with the addition of lotus seeds I find it much lighter and easier to eat.

Mung bean soup 7

Công thức tiếng Việt: Chè đậu xanh hạt sen

timer_318-10184 Preparation time: 30 minutes (to soak the mung beans, optional)

_318-698 Cooking time: 30-40 minutes

 Servings: 3-4 people

* Ingredients:

  • Two handfuls hulled mung beans/yellow mung beans (around 60g)
  • 50g lotus seed
  • Sugar (to taste)
  • 500ml water

Mung bean soup 4

* Directions:

1. Wash the mung beans with water until the water is clear. If you have time, soaking the mung beans in hot water for 30 minutes will help the mung bean become tender faster while cooking. Discard the water and let the mung bean dry a bit.

ingredients160g hulled mung beans

2. Bring water to a boil in a sauce pan on high heat, when the water is boiled pour in the mung bean and let simmer, stir once in a while so the beans don’t stick to the bottom and burn. Simmer until the bean is nice and soft, and you can easily crush it with your fingers. You can add more water if you feel like the texture is too thick. Use a wooden spoon to slightly stir and break the beans, but not so much that the beans are completely puréed.

ingredients1500ml water

3. While waiting for the beans to cook, wash the lotus seeds and get rid of the germ. I use frozen lotus seeds but sometimes they still have the germ in a couple of seeds, so better safe than sorry tongue the lotus seeds germ are very good for your health, but it’s very very bitter, so usually it’s dried and made into herbal tea, and we don’t use it a lot in desserts.

4. When the mung beans are soft and tender, and then pour in the lotus seeds. Season with sugar until it’s to your taste, continue to simmer until the lotus seeds are soft..

ingredients150g lotus seeds; sugar

Mung bean soup 5

The finished sweet soup is fragranced with the scent of hulled mung beans, the lotus seeds are tender but not broken, and it’s delicious either warm or cold according to the season. If you serve it cold then drizzle a bit of coconut milk on top for some addition richness. A simple sweet soup, with easy to find ingredients and the cooking process is no fuss either, both mung beans and lotus seeds are ingredients that are ‘cool’ (yin – according to Chinese cooking). In short, this is a dish that is delicious and easy and good for your health, you don’t need more reasons to go to the kitchen and cook it right wink

Mung bean soup 9

Mung bean soup 8

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