Mommy’s visit

It’s been almost a week from the last blog post on Miamivores right? The reason for this tardiness is because last week was school holidays, and my mom is in Paris now so I went to Paris for a whole week with her.

It’s so nice to have my mom here, knowing that I’ve now moved to another city alone, she takes full advantage of the time I spend with her is Paris to make so many yummy dishes. Her daughter is not as bad in cooking as before blush so of course I helped her in the kitchen. We managed to cook so many dishes in one week, mostly my favorite dishes, and also dishes from my childhood as well.

I couldn’t cook and take photos because I didn’t take any tools with me, but in place of that I got to eat so many dishes that even though I can make them myself in Grenoble, the taste is almost a million time better when they’re made by my mom, maybe because they all have one secret ingredient: her love for me. I got to eat boiled pork leg, snail crackers, stir-fried noodles, Vietnamese pork pyramid dumplings, Vietnamese crispy dumplings…and so much more, I was so interested in eating laughing that I forgot to take photos of many of them, so I only have a few here to share with you guys (the photos are taken with my mom’s iPhone so excuse me for the quality big grin)

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Mẹ sang chơi


Vietnamese crispy dumplings. I’ve already introduced the recipe for this dumpling on Miamivores, but this time with my mom we put a few twist on the recipe for the filling and the skin, so the dumpling is much more delicious and less fatty. We have no egg for the filling, instead we added diced carrot and turnip cabbage. My mom rolled the dumpling skin a bit thicker than usual and fry them on medium heat which, in my opinion, makes the dumpling more crunchy and flavorful.


Vietnamese pork pyramid dumplings. My mom asked me to buy banana leaves from the Asian supermarket and made these dumplings. In this cold weather, eating a hot dumpling with soy sauce and chili sauce is a very heavenly feeling drooling


Snail crackers. This is the one dish that really sticks with my childhood. The ingredients are so simple and the cooking is just as simple, and the finished product is so delicious. The crunchy cracker is coated with a thin coat of sugar, I can finish a whole big bag of this without even knowing laughing

I will introduce recipes for these dishes soon on Miamivores, I hope you guys will like them. In the meantime, bon appetite through the photos ^^

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