A sweet remedy: Honey lemon slices

I am not one with the best health, and to top that off I very often catch a cold. Ever since I came to France, the temperature in the winter can go to under 0°C, it’s even more often that I have sore throat or catch a call. Having a sore throat is very uncomfortable, often I wake up with a very dry and hot throat, and it hurts just swallowing my saliva, my head is in a daze the whole day, and I cannot focus on anything!

Honey lemon 2

In times like that, my ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ is one of my favorite and most used food that is also a remedy: Honey lemon slices. Winter is coming (and actually in the mountain areas like where I live, it is very near already, the temperature sometimes go down to almost 0°C, and it rains sometimes the whole day), so I want to share it here. This remedy is very cheap and easy, and takes very little time to make, so Iyou should really give it a try wink

Honey lemon 3

Công thức tiếng Việt: Bài thuốc ngọt ngào: Chanh ngâm mật ong

* Ingredients & Tools:

  • 3-4 lemons
  • Honey (around 400-500g)
  • A glass jar with tight-closed lid

* Directions:

1. Clean and dry the jar. Clean the lemons, slice into 2-3mm thick slices, and discard the seeds. Layer the lemon slices into the jar, covering each slice with lemon until the jar is full or until you’re out of lemon slices.

2. Close the lid, store in a cool dry place or in the fridge. Gently shake the jar 1-2 times every day for the lemon and lemon juice to distribute evenly.

Honey lemon slices has a lot of health benefits. Most obvious is to soothe a sore throat, boost digestion, and reduce tiredness. Beside, drinking a spoonful of honey lemon each morning or dilute it with some warm water can help detoxing the body, getting rid of bad breath and is really good for the skin.

Honey lemon 4

I usually make ginger honey lemon tea like this: grate a small piece of ginger (with the skin on), add hot water and then add a few spoonful honey lemon juice and a few slices of honey lemon. This tea is so fragrant, and with ginger it is a very warm drink for the winter. During warm season you can dilute the juice in cold water for a nice and refreshing drink, or mix a few spoonful of honey lemon juice with yogurt and serve with some honey lemon slices, it’s really delicious big grin

Honey lemon tea 1

The honey lemon slices and juice can be used after 2-3 days. I usually remove the slices after 3 days, since I found that the juice gets bitter if you leave the slices in it. I keep the lemon slices in a clean container to use with tea or yogurt love

Honey lemon tea 2

Have a warm winter everyone


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