Wooden Drawer (1) – Chestnut picking

[Wooden Drawer] – a category to store all the little stories that are not related to eating or cooking, photos, memorable moments, an interesting paragraph from a book I’m reading, or just simply some scattered thoughts and feelings.

Beside pampering me with good food during the week I visited, my mom also gave in to my very ‘girlish’ wish, and this wish has everything to do with a very frangrant and very delicious food : chestnuts!

When I was little I had a chance to taste roasted chestnuts that my dad brought back from his oversea business trips, and I immediately fell in love with its sweet nutty taste. Every autumn here in France, they sell chestnuts in almost all supermarkets, however the price is pretty high, so even though I crave for them a lot, I hesitated in front of the chestnuts stall every year, and then just chuckled and turned away. Last year when I joined a cooking page on facebook, I found out that a lot of the members in France always go chestnut-picking in small forests in the suburb of Paris during autumn. My craving comes back, but no matter how much persuasion I gave, Matthias is not into this activity, so I let another chestnut season passed by.

Last week when I came to Paris, my mom showed me a big bowl full of chestnuts that she went picking with my brother’s family, and so of course, I begged her to go with me, and she gave in immediately. I found on  google a small forest near our house, and so my mom, my 4-year-old niece, and me, the mom-daughter-grandma-granddaughter trio, excitedly went chestnut picking on a nice morning. 20 minutes on the train, 15 minute walking and we arrived at the spot.

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn kéo gỗ (1) – Nhặt hạt dẻ

It’s just a small forest, located near Orsay university, with lots of tall trees and lots of chestnuts.

Chestnuts picking (7)

Photo: My 4-year-old-niece

Chestnuts picking (10)

Chestnuts picking (2)

Chestnuts picking (6)

Chestnuts picking (5)

There are nuts that still lie within the burr, the thorns are very hard, but they still can’t win against the craving of the pickers, and ended up in the little bag we’ve brought.

Chestnuts picking (9)

There are also nuts that have fallen out of the burr, hiding under the dried leaves.

Chestnuts picking (11)

Chestnuts picking (4)

Acorns, they are very bitter though, so they remain food for little squirrels, and toys for my niece to “cook soup and learn how to do Math”

Chestnuts picking (3)

There are also mushrooms, but we don’t know anything about types of mushrooms so we only admired them, no picking tongue

Chestnuts picking (8)

Picking and picking and picking, and before we realized it’s almost passed lunch time. We started to head home, with a big bag full of chestnuts, full of autumn, and full of happiness.

Chestnuts picking (12)

The chestnuts are brought home, we sliced a cross on the hard skin of each nut, parboil them and then roast on stove-top, so fragrant and sweet. My mom even gave me  big bag to bring back with me to Grenoble, so there will be new recipe on Miamivores with this flavour of autumn incorporated.

Chestnuts picking (1)

Writing about small and lovely stories like this, makes me feel so nice and peaceful…

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