Wooden Drawer (2) – Autumn therapy

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After a relaxing week in Paris, waking up alone at the start of the week in my apartment was a bit off. Looking out the window, it was such a nice day that staying home all day would really be a waste, so I decided to…go chestnut picking in the mountain, to relax a bit before going back to all the schoolwork. Having said that it’s chestnut picking, I wanted more to just enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere though (and on top of that I’ve already had a big bag of chestnuts from my Paris trip tongue )

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn kéo gỗ (2) – Liệu pháp mùa thu

More than half an hour on the bus, I only realized that I didn’t know the exact route to get to the mountain when I stepped down at the bus stop, since I’ve only heard about it from a friend. After wandering around for a while and still no way to the mountain in sight, I wanted to go home already. On my way back to the bus stop I passed a small park, I felt a bit tired so I decided to enter, to sit down a rest a bit before continuing. Just as I passed the entrance, I was so overwhelmed by the carpet of yellow leaves, and the leaves over my head were a golden color as well. I’ve been in France for a few years, I’ve passed a few autumns, but this was maybe the very first time that that I really stopped and admired the beauty of autumn, when the trees are changing color.



My friend texted me when I was in the park, giving me more detailed directions, so I’ve decided to go back and find my way to the mountain. This time I negated my way very fast, but when I’ve reached the mountain, the chestnuts are almost all gone, I wandered around a bit but only got my hands on a handful of them. If you take into account the time I took to get there, a handful of chestnuts was an investment loss tongue but the nice and relaxing feeling I got when strolling in the forest made up for all of that. I felt so much better after, and I was ready to go back to my usual pace.



Thank you, sweet autumn therapy ❤

P/s: I didn’t bring my camera so all the photos were taken with my iPad, please excuse for the quality blush

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