Bordeaux (Part 2): The city’s park – Perfect lunch

Part 1: Mirror square – White chocolate tiramisu – Pasushi & Patapas

According to the plan, our next morning was supposed to be spent in the Botanic garden, but unfortunately the garden was closed out of schedule, so we did a small tour outside and took the tramway back to the city’s main park.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Bordeaux (Phần 2): Công viên thành phố – Bữa trưa hoàn hảo

The park is very very big, we didn’t even cover half the place the whole morning. It was really hot and sunny, so “hiding” in a place full of trees and peaceful lakes like this made my head feel so much lighter and happier.



There are a lot of mallards and swans in the park. These fellas are not afraid of humans at all. If any visitor has a bread to share with them, they will come next to the fence to fight for the pieces.






For lunch, (also thanks to Restopolitan card) we went to La petite maison de Pierre (The little house of Pierre), with dishes of a French & Italian fusion. The restaurant’s name already lovely, it has a very cozy atmosphere, and we got to sit next to a small window with a small adorable pot of flower love

PicMonkey Collage 2

This time we took a full 3-course menu (appetizer, main dish and dessert). This was maybe our favourite restaurant for the whole trip. The dishes were all very unique and delicious, like my appetizer: cucumber spaghetti. The cucumber is sliced into thin long slices to make ‘fake’ spaghetti, served with seared scallops and vegetables, so delicious and fresh. Matthias chose beef tartare. The beef was chopped into small pieces, not ground beef like a lot of restaurants used to save time, so the flavor of the beef was fully kept, and the seasoning was just enough to not overpower the beef.



We chose the same thing for the main dish: roasted duck breast skewer 3 ways: salt and pepper, bacon-wrapped, and marinated with paprika, with side dishes of salad and French fries. The duck breast was cut into cubes, but was roasted only until medium rare, so it was very juicy and flavorful. I especially loved the bacon-wrapped, the duck absorbed the flavors from the bacon, and the bacon also kept the duck juicy and tender.


We ended the meal with traditional tiramisu, and were once again surprised. The cream was very rich, but at the same time light and airy. My dream from there on is to be able to make a tiramisu as delicious as that, and would probably have a month-long celebration if I succeeded.

PicMonkey Collage 1

After lunch, we took a walk in the small streets of Bordeaux.




Then to the train station we went, heading back to Paris, ending a short trip with lots of nice memory and lots of good food. We both agreed that we will have to come back to Bordeaux because there are a lot of places that we have yet to discover, and we especially want to plan a vineyards tour as well tongue

6 thoughts on “Bordeaux (Part 2): The city’s park – Perfect lunch

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    • it is indeed a very pretty city 😀 it was my second time visiting (the first time I only got to spend a few hours there though, so it didn’t really count), but my boyfriend has been there a lot of times and he still finds the city beautiful 😀 we are already planning our next trip there lol.

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      • I have to admit we are lucky that we are college students and still have the time to travel. I am saving up as well, I want to have a trip abroad next year 😀 I will help you as much as I can when the time comes ^^ (I hope it will be very soon for you)

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