The day before new year

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Trước thềm năm mới

Miamivores has officially gone into operation for 8 months (almost 1 year old tongue), with 41 blog posts, 23 followers total on both the Vietnamese and English blog, and 126 likes on the facebook page. Although these numbers are still very small and modest compared to a lot of talented bloggers out there, they are big enough for me Matthias to feel like we are authors of a book that receives love and motivation from all of you. It’s a very small, simple yet extremely happy feeling.  On the day before new year, we would like to send you a simple and sincere thank you.

BeFunky Collage

We hope that you will always feel more in love with cooking, and sometimes when you visit Miamivores, doesn’t matter how you think about us, if you feel a bit more interesting in cooking, or you find some inspiration to cook a dish, then we have succeeded!

In the last year, there were some unexpected things happened, so Miamivores is still not yet completed. In 2016, we promise to take care more of the blog, most specifically update our still empty index blush and the ‘girlfriend’ will continuously motivate the ‘boyfriend’  to post something on the blog. I also have some new plan for Miamivores in the new year, and I hope it will go smoothly.

A batch of cat’s tongue cookies (langue de chat) at the end of the year, for the New Year’s eve dinner with Matthias’s family. Although they don’t look so beautiful, they are sweet enough to end a very fufilling year of 2015.

langue de chat

We hope you will have a wonderful new year with lots of happiness, lots of luck, and that your kitchen will always be warm and filled with deliciously smelled food.

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