Weekend picnic


It was really sunny last weekend, so I persuaded Matthias to go on a picnic with me (Matthias easily gets sunburns and doesn’t like sitting crossed legs on the ground, so he was mostly giving in to my constant request tongue). We woke up early and went to the supermarket for some veggies and bread, went back home to prepare some dishes and then took the tramway to the nearby park and…started picnic-ing laughing

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Picnic cuối tuần

PicMonkey Collage


The park is at tramways’ station Chavant, pretty spacious, with plenty of trees and grass fields, although the grass was still a bit wet from the big rain during the week. The sky was blue with white clouds, and the heat was warm enough without getting too hot. We finally found a spot with shade and where the grass is dry to set up our picnic mat.



Here comes the food


Macedonia salad


Caesar chicken sandwich and tuna onigiri (rice balls)



Watermelon lemonade (recipe here)

The weather was so nice, so of course we were not the only ones thinking of having a picnic




A relaxing weekend like this is what happiness is all about love


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