Wooden Drawer (5) – The end of a road


I haven’t updated this blog for more than 3 weeks, which I think it’s the longest that I’ve not posted ever since I created this blog. Of course my love for the kitchen is still very much there, it’s just that for the past 3 weeks I was focusing on finishing and defending my thesis, so I had a hiatus on updating Miamivores.

The last 3 weeks where I just focused on writing and practicing for the defence, I was on an emotional roller-coaster. 3 years I’ve gotten used to almost banging my head against the wall every time I have to look for an article, to drinking coffee for those late nights writing, and to sometimes feel like giving up. There are times that I prayed to every god possible to be done with the thesis so that I don’t have to deal with all those headaches anymore. However, when I finally got the green light from my supervisor for the defence, beside the happiness I suddenly felt a bit…loss.

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn Kéo Gỗ (5) – Kết thúc một chặng đường

30 minutes of presenting before the thesis committee. 30 minutes of answering questions. 40 minutes of waiting in agony outside the room. When the committee members finally called me into the room, and the Head of the committee read the decision of accepting my thesis and giving me the title of “Doctor” instead of “DBA Candidate”, my feelings were a mess. Instantly it was a burst of joy, the feeling of finally being able to let go of a burden, and then I started to feel a void slowly getting bigger inside me.

Maybe saying goodbye to a long journey is not as easy as I’ve always thought.

My feeling at that time, it was unstable, as if I suddenly lost a safety net, one named “Writing thesis”. The net that, even though, sometimes drove me crazy, I only realised how I needed it when I let go of it. I officially realised that this journey has come to an end, and I don’t have any excuse to cling onto anymore to delay the start of a new journey.

I decided to write this to remind and motivate myself, that even though the road before me is not easy, there will be new things such as finding a job, trying to write a research paper with my professor, there will still be familiar things such as cooking, photographing, noting down recipes on this blog. I honestly feel excited, a bit nervous of course, but I believe that this new journey will bring me interesting opportunities. Miamivores will soon be updated with new easy-tasty-cheap recipes. I hope you guys will keep supporting us.

Photos for demonstration purpose wink this might be one of those moments that I forever keep I my heart.




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