Wooden Drawer (6) – ‘Twas the eve of Christmas eve


“For Santa and his elves”

This year I spent Christmas with my family in Lisbon (I am writing about this trip and will share it soon with you guys), so I didn’t make a yule log and brought it to Matthias’s like the past few years. However my oven was still working “full-time”, because my little niece, 2 weeks before Christmas, told me “Auntie, I want us to make cookies to put next to the Christmas tree for Santa, as a way to say thanks for all the gifts he gave me”. How could I say no to such a cute request! So a week before Christmas, I dove into ‘researching’ different cookies and their recipes, and 5 days before Christmas, my baking quest began for 3 types of cookies: Linzer cookies, Pinwheel cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn kéo gỗ (6) – Đêm trước đêm Giáng Sinh

My baking quest had quite a lot of ups and downs laughing there were times that I thought I would have to drop the ‘project’, especially when I was testing my new recipe for chocolate chip cookies and miscalculated the flour amount. Fortunately, everything turned out in the end, of course with the help from my little ‘disciple’, whose responsibility was to cut out shapes for my Linzer cookies :p The night of the 23rd (we did it a day early because we were leaving the 24th morning), next to our Christmas tree was a plate of cookies, with a cup of milk and a handwritten note from my niece.


I guess Santa really loved the cookies, because there were none left the next morning, and my niece got a thank you note from Santa tongue

I hope you guys had a merry Christmas and is now ready to welcome a new year full of joy.


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