The new year’s cake

Matthias’s family invited me for New Year’s eve dinner, and I got to make a cake for dessert. The guests this time were Matthias’s god mother, and a close friend of his mom, so I decided to make a simple vanilla butter cake with frosting. I topped and decorated the cake with fresh strawberries, almond dipped in chocolate and handmade chocolate leaves, as well as the “Happy New Year” text also in chocolate.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Chiếc bánh mừng năm mới

A close-up of the decorations on the rim of the cake:


Since I don’t have any food colouring, I opted for a black and white tone from the cream and chocolate, with some red from the strawberry. Personally I find this style very suitable for older guests, and it also doesn’t require a lot of extra ingredients.

I chose the naked rustic style for my cake because I…ran out of frosting half way through laughing and also because the butter cake is quite sweet, so I don’t want to put on too much frosting and make it too rich.


Looking at the finished cake really spark a small happiness inside me. The past year, cooking, baking and blogging have always been activities that brought me tons of joy, and they’re also the ‘therapy’ that helped me relax when I felt stressed from my study. Starting 2017 with this sweet little cake, I hope that the upcoming year will be filled with sweet and beautiful happiness.

I have readers of my blog messaging me on Facebook, telling me how they found my blog, and how they were inspired from my recipes. Being able to bring happiness and cooking inspiration to my readers have always been my goal when I started this blog, and these little messages made me extremely happy. In the upcoming year I will try to update more regularly, and hopefully you guys will continue to support this blog.


I wish you all a new year full of joy and success.

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