Lunar New Year’s sweets and treats

This Lunar New Year my family went back to Vietnam (except me), so my new year’s eve dinner was spent with my Vietnamese friends here in Paris. I, of course, volunteered to bring sweets and treats for tea time and desserts, and also to keep up the gift box ‘tradition’ from last year.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Bánh kẹo ngày Tết

This year I don’t have to prepare as many gift boxes as last year (only 2 this year), but they all had to be sent through post, so I chose the treats that are lightweight, easy to transport and don’t spoil fast. After some considerations, some list makings and fixing, these following treats were chosen.


Longan crackers (recipe here)


Flower cookies (recipe here)


Peanut brittle – these were surprisingly easy to make so I will soon share the recipe on this blog.


Vanilla raisin spritz cookies


Chocolate spritz cookies

We have a foreigner in the Vietnamese group so besides the sweets for tea time, I also made a big cake for dessert. We all love chocolate, and strawberries are starting to be in season, so I decided to put these two flavours in a cake, take inspiration from the chocolate covered strawberries.


3 layers of chocolate cake, although it’s butter cake it’s still very moist. In between the layers is strawberry whipped cream, and the whole thing is covered with vanilla and chocolate mascarpone whipped cream, I made chocolate whipped cream with two different doses of cocoa powder to create an ombré effect. I decorated it with a chocolate lace, chocolate flower and two chocolate covered strawberries. This combination really balance out the flavours, and was warmly received.

PicMonkey Collage

Starting this year of the Chicken with sweets, I hope that this upcoming year is going to be sweet as well. I wish you all a peaceful new year, full of new joys and new successes.


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