No churn ice-cream recipe

I myself have an ice-cream maker that I bought on sale. However the kind that I have is one that you have to place the container in the freezer at least 12 hours before you want to make ice-cream, so it’s not all the time that I would crave at the right moment and have enough freezer space to fit the container. Furthermore the price for a good ice-cream maker is not generally cheap and it’s not a common family kitchen tool, so I still like to research on ice-cream recipes that don’t require a machine to share here on the blog.

No churn ice-cream

I introduced a recipe for ice-cream from frozen banana, and today I’m gonna introduce a no churn recipe that I absolutely adore, with only two basic ingredients which are sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. I’ve first known of this no churn – no machine recipe from the ice-cream cake video of Eugenie Kitchen, and it is now very popular everywhere on the internet. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I started with a small batch and was really surprised with how smooth and tasty the ice-cream turned out, there was no ice crystal in sight. It was just perfect!

No churn ice-cream

Công thức tiếng Việt: Công thức làm kem không cần dùng máy

Two ingredients: Whipping cream and Sweetened condensed milk

This recipe is extremely simple, the main ingredients are whipping cream (heavy cream/double cream) and sweetened condensed milk. There are two main steps to making this ice-cream:

  • Add the whipping cream into a clean mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to mix it at high speed until ripples start to appear on the surface of the cream, reduce the speed to medium. Continue to mix the cream, stopping once in a while to check the consistency, beat the cream until you can invert the bowl without the cream falling out.
  • Add the condensed milk into the whipped cream, use a spatula or a whisk and gently stir the mixture in one direction to incorporate. The mixture at this point will be very thick, creamy and smooth. Pour this mixture into an air-tight container or popsicle molds, place in the freeze for at least 6 hours.

After that all that’s left to do is take the ice-cream out and devour, no need to stir the mixture every 1-2 hours, the ice-cream is guaranteed to be nice and smooth.

How does it work?

With traditional ice-cream recipe you need to prepare a sweetened base (usually made with egg yolks, sugar and cream) and then chill in the fridge. This mixture will then be added to an ice-cream maker, this machine will freeze the mixture, and at the same time continuously stir the ice-cream to bread down ice crystals and incorporate air into the mixture to make the ice-cream airy and smooth (this is quite similar to when we whip heavy cream).

With this recipe the condensed milk acts as the sweetened base, and the whipped cream provides the air necessary to keep the ice-cream airy and smooth. Condensed milk is basically milk that has added sugar and dehydrated, so there is not much liquid left for the ice crystals to form.

Pros and Cons

The good points of this recipe, I think, can be summarized as followed:

  • Simple and easy-to-find ingredients, and for people who doesn’t like the idea of having raw egg yolks in their ice-cream, this recipe is perfect.
  • It’s very quick to make, you only need around 10-15 minutes to make the mixture.
  • It’s easy to mix and match flavours. Since this recipe doesn’t take long to make, you can just make a bunch of different flavours at a time.

The only minus point of this recipe, for me, is that the original ratio is a bit too sweet for my Asian tongue. When I try to reduce the condensed milk to my taste, which is half of what it’s called for, the ice-cream turned out almost rock hard (I think this is due to the ratio of sugar and fat within the mixture). The ratio I use in this recipe for me give an acceptable level of sweetness and the ice-cream is not too hard either, and I also change this ratio based on the flavor of the ice-cream.

Some notes

1. In order to get the best ice-cream, remember to use whipping cream with at least 30% fat content. To make whipping the cream easier you can put the whisks and the mixing bowl in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before making the ice-cream. Do not use cream with fat content lower than 30%.

2. With this basic recipe, the sky is the limit to what ice-cream flavour you can make. The simplest thing to do is to add mix-ins such as crushed biscuits, nuts, or chopped fruits. I really like to add crushed Oreo (without the filling), it tastes a lot like Häagen-Dazs’s Cookies & Cream ice-cream.

3. With flavours like chocolate, coffee, matcha, etc. you can mix the ingredients with the condensed milk and then mix with whipped cream. With ingredients that can’t be dissolved like cinnamon sticks, lavender, mint leaves, etc., heat the whipping cream until you see a few wisps of steam and there is light bubbling around the edge. Take the cream off the heat and add the ingredients, steep and let it cook to infuse the cream. Strain and cool the cream and then whip as normal.

4. If you want to make fruit flavoured ice-cream, then with juicy fruits like strawberries, mangoes, etc., the liquid inside the fruits can create ice crystals, so it’s best that you cook the fruit puree on the stovetop to reduce the liquid before mixing it with the condensed milk, or you can add 2-3grams gelatine to prevent ice-crystals forming. Personally I don’t really like the richness of cream and milk with fruits, so I still prefer making sorbet for most fruit flavours.

5. Family freezers are always colder than commercial ones used for ice-cream, homemade ice-cream therefore is usually harder than the one you have in boutiques, so it will be a bit hard to scoop the ice-cream. You can overcome this by placing the container right next to the freezer door (the least cold spot in the freezer), or moving the ice-cream to the fridge 10-15 minutes before scooping; dipping the ice-cream scoop in hot water before scooping will also help.

I’ve used this recipe to make mocha ice-cream, avocado ice-cream, caramel ice-cream with tasty results. If you guys have any interesting flavours please share with me wink

No churn ice-cream

Photo: Avocado ice-cream

The post is pretty long already so I’m gonna just introduce the recipe for mocha ice-cream, other flavours that I have tried will be introduced in a separate post.

Mocha ice-cream recipe

timer_318-10184 Preparation time: 15 minutes

Sans titre Waiting time: 6-8 hours

 Servings: 4-5 scoops of ice-cream (ice-cream scoop size 5cm)

* Ingredients:

  • 160g heavy cream (~130ml)
  • 120g condensed milk (~110ml)
  • 15g milk
  • 10g dark chocolate
  • 3g instant coffee powder

* Directions:

1. Heat the milk in the microwave, add the dark chocolate and coffee powder and stir till dissolved. Stir this mixture into the condensed milk till homogeneous. Let cool completely (photo 1-3)

2. While waiting for the milk mixture to cool down, put the hand mixer whisks and mixing bowl in the freezer for 1)-15 minutes. Add heavy cream into the mixing bowl and beat until soft peaks, when you can invert the bowl without the cream falling out it’s done (photo 4).

3. Add the milk mixture into the whipped cream, use a whisk or a spatula to gently incorporate everything (photo 5). The final mixture will be thick and creamy like to photo 6. All that’s left to do is to pour the mixture into a container, place in the freezer for 6-8 minutes and it’s ready to eat ^.^

No churn ice-cream

Remember to cook the condensed milk mixture down completely before adding it to the whipped cream. If you accidentally add the mixture while it’s still warm and it melts the cream, what you can do is place the mixing bowl (with the mixture) in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, take it out after and beat with a hand mixer on medium speed until it thickens again.

No churn ice-cream

Happy ice-cream making everyone.


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