Watermelon & Passionfruit lassi

French weather can be very fussy at times. For instance, recently it is usually a bit chilly in the morning until 9-10 o’clock, to the point that I would have t wear a light jacket if I want to go out, and then suddenly at around 11-12 the sun would be up and shining, and the temperature would be more or less 30°C. Fussy weather, together with the fact that I just got robbed on the street, really makes my mood going downhill.

With both the weather and my mood being not good like that, I can only think about making finding something nice a refreshing to cool down when I go to the supermarket, and of course the fruits and yogurt shelves become that much more inviting, especially when the watermelons are in season, and they are all so ripe and juicy. Walking back from the supermarket, my bag is filled with a small watermelon, a few passion fruits and some yogurt. Combing home, I went straight to the kitchen and start chopping, a few swirl of the blender and I finally had my refreshing drink.

I made a big cup like in the photo, with a few spoonfuls left in the blender. The leftover is of course taken care of right after wink this big cup is saved for after dinner, when I have showered, sit on the part of the bed near the desk, and enjoyed the drink while watching Friends. All my worries and bad moods seem to be washed away with the light sweetness of the watermelon, combined with the slight acidity of the passionfruit and the freshness of the mint leaves, life just suddenly becomes so much nicer.

Watermelon lassi 2_copy

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Infused water

The last two weeks in France is so hot, as the country is having a heat wave, the temperature is always around 30°C, even in the evening. With this hot weather, medias never fail to remind people to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. To be honest, I am very lazy when it comes to drinking water blush as I only drink when I’m very thirsty, so with this heat wave, I try to think of ways to encourage myself to drink more. One of the ways that I found was to use fruit infused water.

Fruit infused water is simply plain water with chopped fruit in it, let sit and infused for a few hours. There’s no added sugar, only the natural taste and sweetness of the fruit blended in with the water, so it’s always so fresh and nice to drink. Thanks to this, infused water is packed with health benefits, first and foremost it makes drinking more water so much more fun and easy, I mean, just look at how beautiful a bottle of water with fruit is and already I want to keep drinking, and there is also the vitamin that is packed in the fruits themselves. Furthermore since there is no added sugar, infused water is usually used for detoxing and weight-loss.

It is very simple to make infused water, and the ingredients are very versatile, as you can choose and combine whatever fruits you want or have in your fridge, and you can change the ingredients as well as its quantities according to your taste and purpose. You can also do a small amount and infuse in a glass of water to serve right away.

Infused water 2

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