Flying noodles / Stir-fried noodles with soy sauce chicken breast

Happy New Year! I hope you guys will have a year full of happiness and inspiration from your kitchen. It’s the start the year so I want to introduce a light, simple and flying dish, in hope that this year will be a year full of flying ideas. It’s “light and simple” because it’s only stir-fried noodles with chicken breast and a soy sauce based sauce, and it’s “flying” because…the noodles are really flying!

Flying noodles

This flying noodles has been the hype for a while, so I’m actually a bit behind on the trend laughing but no matter if I’m late to the trend or not, and no matter if the noodles are flying or not, stir-fried noodles is still a very easy and delicious dish. I think this is a fun way to present noodles in a family meal, and if you have kids then this is a good way to make them more excited to eat. You can switch chicken breast to any kind of proteins, and you can also change the vegetables to anything that is in seasons and to your liking.

Công thúc tiếng Việt: Mì bay / Mì xào lườn gà sốt xì dầu

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Lazy dish: Instant noodles with beef and Chinese cabbage

Instant noodles is sure a familiar dish to all of us, especially to students laughing when I was little, instant noodles was one of my favourites. But of course, my mom wouldn’t let me have too much of it since it’s not healthy at all. When I first came to France and had no idea how to cook anything (I didn’t even know how to cook rice in a rice cooker!), instant noodles became my best friend. That is, until I was so sick of eating instant noodles for lunch every single day and started to teach myself how to cook.

Instant noodles 3

Bài tiếng Việt: Món lười biếng: Mì ăn liền với bò và cải thìa

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