About us & Miamivores

What is Miamivores?

Miamivores is a diary where we share good recipes, as well as experience in photographing and plating food.

Recipes that are introduced on Miamivores have been carefully collected, tested, and will be presented alongside troubleshooting as well as things that should be paid attention to while preparing the dish, together with our personal experience when we execute said dish. We are not strictly following any diet scheme, but you may find many recipes that are diet-friendly on this blog, simply because we both love experimenting in the kitchen to create simple and delicious dishes.

Who are Mattou & Tutu?


Mattou and Tutu are nick names of Matthias and Tu Anh, two students currently living in France. We’ve began “intruding” each other’s life since 2012, and though we have much differences in personalities as well as cultural background, we share the same passion for cooking and eating.

We also love travelling, which is why you can find many blog posts on our trips, as well as nice eating spots that we’ve discovered.

Miamivores was planned and born in 2014, all thanks to our above mentioned passions.

Thank you for passing by our little cozy kitchen. We hope that you guys will feel excited to embark with us on this journey of discovering and sharing experience in cooking and photographing.


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