Flying noodles / Stir-fried noodles with soy sauce chicken breast

Happy New Year! I hope you guys will have a year full of happiness and inspiration from your kitchen. It’s the start the year so I want to introduce a light, simple and flying dish, in hope that this year will be a year full of flying ideas. It’s “light and simple” because it’s only stir-fried noodles with chicken breast and a soy sauce based sauce, and it’s “flying” because…the noodles are really flying!

Flying noodles

This flying noodles has been the hype for a while, so I’m actually a bit behind on the trend laughing but no matter if I’m late to the trend or not, and no matter if the noodles are flying or not, stir-fried noodles is still a very easy and delicious dish. I think this is a fun way to present noodles in a family meal, and if you have kids then this is a good way to make them more excited to eat. You can switch chicken breast to any kind of proteins, and you can also change the vegetables to anything that is in seasons and to your liking.

Công thúc tiếng Việt: Mì bay / Mì xào lườn gà sốt xì dầu

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Chicken rice

The past few weeks we were cleaning the apartment to give it back, so cooking was reduced to minimal in order to keep the kitchen clean, as well as not having to clean too many dishes. I therefore tried to look for dishes that would be fast to cook don’t use too many cooking utensils, but still tasty and nutritious, and this Chicken rice is one of the top candidates.

Chicken rice

Chicken rice is a very simple dish, you only have to boil the chicken, then use the broth to cook and rice and that’s it, but the result is so surprisingly tasty. The chicken is cooked just enough to become tender and sweet, the rice absorb the natural sweetness of the broth so it’s much more flavourful than normal white rice. You only have to add a few slices of cucumber to have a delicious and nutritious meal.

Chicken rice

Công thức tiếng Việt: Cơm gà

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Popcorn chicken (crispy chicken bites)

I have a guest over at my house last week so I didn’t really have time to set up and cook something too fancy (because I spent time…hanging out tongue). So today I will introduce an easy and quick recipe using chicken breast.

Chicken breast, for me, is always a hard part to cook, because this is the part of the chicken with the least amount of fat, so to cook it without drying it out and taking away all the juiciness is a big problem. One of the solutions I’ve found is Pandan chicken, and another is this Popcorn chicken recipe.

The breats is marinated before dredging in flour and deep frying so it’s very flavorful and even though is it deep froed, the time taken for it to be cooked is quite fast (since the chicken is cut into bite size already), so personally I find that the meat doesn’t absorb too much of the oil. Furthermore the meat is protected by a layer of panko (breadcrumbs) so it is cooked just right and stays juicy. With this recipe I can easily consume 2 pieces of chicken breasts ^.^

Popcorn chicken 2

Công thức tiếng Việt: Gà popcorn

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No-escape chicken

My first time having this dish was back when I went back to Vietnam for the summer. We had some guests over, so my mom ordered a “No escape chicken” for our lunch, and I was very impressed with the name, the shape and the taste of it. It’s called “No escape chicken” because the chicken is ‘trapped’ in a layer of delicious glutinous rice with a crunchy outside. The chicken is wrapped in glutinous rice so it becomes very soft and tender, and the rice, absorbing the juice from the chicken, becomes much moist and fragrant.

This dish is very suitable for when you have guest, since you have a 2-in-1 dish with both chicken and fried glutinous rice. However since the whole thing is deep fried in oil, it’s best served with some salad so it won’t be too heavy.

No-escape chicken 2

Công thức tiếng Việt: Gà không lối thoát

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Pandan chicken

Pandan chicken is a Thai dish that I read about on the internet and although I didn’t have a chance to taste it before, the description gets me drooling: chicken breast is marinated in a mixture of seasoning and coconut milk, and the wrapped in pandan leaves and baked in the oven, that already sounds delicious love I immediately went to the market and got myself a package of pandan leaves. The smell of chicken and pandan leaves sweetly filled the whole kitchen, the chicken is wrapped in leaves so it doesn’t become too dry even though it’s chopped into small cubes, and the chicken is very flavorful. This can be served for a family dinner, and I think it would be perfect for a barbeque.

Pandan chicken

Công thức tiếng Việt: Gà cuốn lá nếp/lá dứa nướng

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Soy sauce fried chicken & Other chicken marinating and frying recipes

Fried chicken is an easy to make and easy to eat dish. This recipe is very simple so I think it’s suitable for students, and also for a family dinner. I learn this recipe of marinating and frying the chicken using the oven from my mom. The finished chicken is very tasty and fragrant, and you don’t have to use any oil for frying since the chicken will cook in its own fat in the oven, so it is that much healthier.

At the end of the post, I will introduce some more recipes for marinating and frying chicken, so that you can change this dish according to your liking.

Fried chicken 2

Công thức tiếng Việt: Cánh gà rán xì dầu & Một vài cách ướp và chiên/rán gà

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