Cheese fondue – Fondue Savoyarde

One of the most loved dishes in France during the winter is Cheese Fondue – Fondue Savoyarde. The dish is exactly as its name: the cheese is melted with a bit of white wine, served with chopped bread pieces  that have been left overnight to go stale and dry (that way when you dip them in the Cheese fondue, the bread will absorb the liquid and become just soft and moist enough without going soggy). Matthias and me did some thinking and we finally decided to invest in a small fondue device, because if we eat this dish in the restaurant it would be double the price of the device, and I can also use this device to make Asian style fondue so it’s actually killing two birds with one stone.

Fondue 1_copy

As soon as the device arrived, we went to buy the necessary ingredients, and made our fondue the very next day. Sitting next to the hot and steaming fondue, and with the sweet smell of cheese spreading around the room, the cold weather doesn’t seem to exist anymore for us happy people that were savoring the dish love this fondue is usually served with only bread, but I also added some cured meat and pickles. You don’t necessarily have to have a fondue machine to make this dish, a small Asian fondue pan or a heatproof cocotte on a grill will do the job too.

Fondue 4_copy

Công thức tiếng Việt: Lẩu phô mai – Fondue Savoyarde

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