Wooden Drawer (4) – Gift boxes for Lunar New Year

I have one Vietnamese blogger that I really admire because of her simple yet full of love writing style about her life in Japan, and about her family members. One of her post series that I always love to read is about her gift boxes of homemade sweets and treats to her friends and acquaintances for special occasions. I have wanted to ‘copy’ this lovely idea for a while now, but it’s not until this year that I muster enough self-motivation to really do it.

7 gift boxes, although not yet perfect, make me feel really happy. The process of preparing these gift boxes is full of different emotions: nervous since it is the first time I’ve made some of these sweets, agitation when waiting for the batter to bake in the oven, and happiness when the cakes come out smelling heavenly. There were so many times I thought I had to abandon this project, but finally it came to the time where I sat and divide the treats into small bags, arrange them into the boxes, and once everything was done, all y nervousness and fatigue vanished, replaced by a surge of happiness. Hopefully I’ve managed to bring a bit of sweetness at the start of the year to the receivers of my gift.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn Kéo Gỗ (4) – Hộp quà Tết

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Wooden Drawer (3) – Snowing

This morning when I woke up and looked out the window, everything was white: it was snowing!

I’ve been in France for a few years now, and I see snow almost every year, but surprisingly I still feel a small happiness every time. My camera was immediately put into action.


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn kéo gỗ (3) – Tuyết rơi

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The day before new year

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Trước thềm năm mới

Miamivores has officially gone into operation for 8 months (almost 1 year old tongue), with 41 blog posts, 23 followers total on both the Vietnamese and English blog, and 126 likes on the facebook page. Although these numbers are still very small and modest compared to a lot of talented bloggers out there, they are big enough for me Matthias to feel like we are authors of a book that receives love and motivation from all of you. It’s a very small, simple yet extremely happy feeling.  On the day before new year, we would like to send you a simple and sincere thank you.

BeFunky Collage

We hope that you will always feel more in love with cooking, and sometimes when you visit Miamivores, doesn’t matter how you think about us, if you feel a bit more interesting in cooking, or you find some inspiration to cook a dish, then we have succeeded!

In the last year, there were some unexpected things happened, so Miamivores is still not yet completed. In 2016, we promise to take care more of the blog, most specifically update our still empty index blush and the ‘girlfriend’ will continuously motivate the ‘boyfriend’  to post something on the blog. I also have some new plan for Miamivores in the new year, and I hope it will go smoothly.

A batch of cat’s tongue cookies (langue de chat) at the end of the year, for the New Year’s eve dinner with Matthias’s family. Although they don’t look so beautiful, they are sweet enough to end a very fufilling year of 2015.

langue de chat

We hope you will have a wonderful new year with lots of happiness, lots of luck, and that your kitchen will always be warm and filled with deliciously smelled food.

Wooden Drawer (1) – Chestnut picking

[Wooden Drawer] – a category to store all the little stories that are not related to eating or cooking, photos, memorable moments, an interesting paragraph from a book I’m reading, or just simply some scattered thoughts and feelings.

Beside pampering me with good food during the week I visited, my mom also gave in to my very ‘girlish’ wish, and this wish has everything to do with a very frangrant and very delicious food : chestnuts!

When I was little I had a chance to taste roasted chestnuts that my dad brought back from his oversea business trips, and I immediately fell in love with its sweet nutty taste. Every autumn here in France, they sell chestnuts in almost all supermarkets, however the price is pretty high, so even though I crave for them a lot, I hesitated in front of the chestnuts stall every year, and then just chuckled and turned away. Last year when I joined a cooking page on facebook, I found out that a lot of the members in France always go chestnut-picking in small forests in the suburb of Paris during autumn. My craving comes back, but no matter how much persuasion I gave, Matthias is not into this activity, so I let another chestnut season passed by.

Last week when I came to Paris, my mom showed me a big bowl full of chestnuts that she went picking with my brother’s family, and so of course, I begged her to go with me, and she gave in immediately. I found on  google a small forest near our house, and so my mom, my 4-year-old niece, and me, the mom-daughter-grandma-granddaughter trio, excitedly went chestnut picking on a nice morning. 20 minutes on the train, 15 minute walking and we arrived at the spot.

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Ngăn kéo gỗ (1) – Nhặt hạt dẻ

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