Jersey cudweed glutinous rice balls (Xôi khúc)

Jersey cudweed glutinous rice is a dish originated from the North of Vietnam, made from Jersey cudweed leaves, glutinous rice, with mung bean and pork filling. This dish is usually made during eth Jersey cudweed season (February, March in the lunar calendar), and since the dish is usually seasoned with a lot of pepper and is served steaming hot, it is more popular in Hanoi (where the weather is usually colder) than in the South. The first time I had this dish was when my mom went to Hanoi and was given a box of this dish by a friend, and the taste of the dish stays with me until this day.

Jersey cudweed rice 1_copy

This is a very interesting dish to me. At a first glance it looks like a plain and boring ball of glutinous rice, but it turns out so much more complicated once you bite into it. First you have the soft and chewy sticky rice layer, then the chewy sticky rice flour skin together with the light sweetness of the Jersey cudweed, and then the rich taste of the mung bean and sometimes the firm texture of the meat. When my mom was here she made this dish for me 3 times and I still crave for it every day. She is back in Vietnam now so I have to roll myself to the kitchen to satisfy my stomach tongue

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It is impossible to find Jersey cudweed here in France, so I learnt from my mom to use spinach as a replacement. I have some salted egg yolks sitting in the freezer so I put them in the filling as well. The preparation and cooking take quite a lot of time, but when I dig into one of those steaming hot rice ball, enjoying the rich and chewy combination of the skin and the filling, everything totally paid off wink

Jersey cudweed rice 3_copy

Công thức tiếng Việt: Xôi (bánh) khúc

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No-escape chicken

My first time having this dish was back when I went back to Vietnam for the summer. We had some guests over, so my mom ordered a “No escape chicken” for our lunch, and I was very impressed with the name, the shape and the taste of it. It’s called “No escape chicken” because the chicken is ‘trapped’ in a layer of delicious glutinous rice with a crunchy outside. The chicken is wrapped in glutinous rice so it becomes very soft and tender, and the rice, absorbing the juice from the chicken, becomes much moist and fragrant.

This dish is very suitable for when you have guest, since you have a 2-in-1 dish with both chicken and fried glutinous rice. However since the whole thing is deep fried in oil, it’s best served with some salad so it won’t be too heavy.

No-escape chicken 2

Công thức tiếng Việt: Gà không lối thoát

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