No churn ice-cream recipe

I myself have an ice-cream maker that I bought on sale. However the kind that I have is one that you have to place the container in the freezer at least 12 hours before you want to make ice-cream, so it’s not all the time that I would crave at the right moment and have enough freezer space to fit the container. Furthermore the price for a good ice-cream maker is not generally cheap and it’s not a common family kitchen tool, so I still like to research on ice-cream recipes that don’t require a machine to share here on the blog.

No churn ice-cream

I introduced a recipe for ice-cream from frozen banana, and today I’m gonna introduce a no churn recipe that I absolutely adore, with only two basic ingredients which are sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. I’ve first known of this no churn – no machine recipe from the ice-cream cake video of Eugenie Kitchen, and it is now very popular everywhere on the internet. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I started with a small batch and was really surprised with how smooth and tasty the ice-cream turned out, there was no ice crystal in sight. It was just perfect!

No churn ice-cream

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Black sesame ice-cream (bonus: Black sesame milk & Freezing ice-cream with salt and ice)

The two previous ice-cream recipes that I’ve introduced on Miamivores all belong to the no-fat-added ice-cream family. These kinds of recipe have one drawback, which is the fact that you cannot use them for non-fruit flavored ice-cream. And even no ice-cream with added fat is pretty ‘threatening’ to our waistline, the richness it brings has its own charm. Even though personally I prefer sorbet when it comes to fruit flavor, I still find flavors such as chocolate, mint, vanilla, etc go better with the richness of the added fat.

Today I will introduce a recipe for American style ice-cream, with its main ingredients being milk and heavy cream, the ratio is usually 2 cream : 1 milk : ½ sugar (using cup measurement, I have converted to ml and grams in this recipe). The good news for those of you who want to reduce the fat content is that you can use any kind of milk (soy milk, almond milk, etc), doesn’t have to be cow milk, the proof is right in this recipe where I use black sesame milk to make ice-cream. At the end of this post I will introduce a very quick and fun way to freeze your ice-cream.

Black sesame ice cream 2

I decided to make black sesame ice-cream simply because I am a big fan of black sesame, and I still have more than half of a package in my cupboard tongue the result does not disappoint me at all. The ice-cream is so fragranced, and the nutty taste of the sesame really reduces the fat feeling of the ice-cream. The color may look quite unappetite, but I can assure you it tastes heavenly.

Black sesame ice cream 3

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Watermelon sorbet & A simple tip to perfect sorbet mixtures

The frozen dessert that I want to introduce today is Sorbet. Compared to the banana ice cream recipe, sorbet only requires additional water and sugar, no fat included so it’s still somewhat suitable for people who are watching their weight or vegetarians/vegans. The bonus point of sorbet, especially homemade sorbet, is that the taste of fruit is very strong and the sorbet is very fragrant. I personally prefer fruit sorbet to fruit ice-cream that has additional milk and cream.

Watermelon sorbet 4_copy

Before we dive into the recipe, I want to talk a bit about the function of sugar in ice-cream recipes in general. I noticed that there are people who think that the sugar is only for the sweetness of the ice-cream, and thus they decide to increase or decrease the amount to their liking, and end up with rock-hard/full of ice crystals ice-cream (even with an ice-cream machine) or a slushy that wouldn’t freeze no matter how long it stays in the freezer. The reason behind all of this is usually the sugar.

When we freeze a mixture, the ice crystals will detach from the rest of the ingredients. These crystals will link together and make the mixture solid.  When sugar is added to the mixture, the sugar molecules will get in the way of these links, hence the time necessary for the mixture to freeze will increase and the ice crystal will be smaller. Because of that, a mixture with too little sugar will have a lot of ice crystals since there is not enough sugar molecules to prevent the ice crystals from forming. On the other hand, too much sugar molecules in a mixture will prevent the ice crystals from forming at all and the mixture won’t be able to freeze up at all. This can be applied to other sweeteners such as honey, agave honey, etc.

To sum it up, it is very important to achieve a balance of the sugar in an ice-cream mixture, especially with sorbet since it has a very high level of liquid, and sorbet doesn’t have any fat content so it totally relies on the sugar to prevent too much ice crystals.

(Sources: the kitchn ; Ice Cream Recipes ; Ice Cream Nation)

When I was reading about different types of ice-cream and sorbet I was very troubled by this ratio, I mean do I have to always follow a specific recipe without changing the sweetener or the types of fruits that is used, without messing with the sugar ratio? Luckily after a while of searching and reading into every possible documents available, I finally found a very simple and efficient tip to test if the sugar level is enough, and I will introduce that tip in this watermelon sorbet recipe.

Watermelon sorbet 2_copy

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Ice-cream types & a super easy ice-cream recipe (no churning)

Summer is ice-cream season. Actually for me any time of the year is ice-cream season. It is obviously refreshing to have a nice cold ice-cream in the summer, but there is also a very interesting feeling when you at ice-cream in the cold winter. Is it such a weird hobby? tongue

Back in Vietnam I once made ice-cream with my mom, a very simple vanilla ice-cream with egg yolks, cream, milk and sugar, and we had to do the freezing in the freezer and using a fork to stir the mixture every 2 hours. After that I’ve always thought that every home-made ice-cream recipe starts from that same base. It was not until I bought myself a discounted ice-cream machine and started reading more on ice-cream recipes that I know the ice-cream base that my mom and I made is called “Frozen custard”, usually used in French and Italian recipes. Besides this there are more types of desserts in the frozen desserts family such as Popsicle, Granita, Sorbet, and so on.

Like I’ve said before, I want Miamivores to be more than just a food blog with recipes, I want it to also be a place where I share with you my day-to-day stories. My little ‘journey’ of ice-cream making has a lot of failed stories and experience. Therefore posts about ice-cream on Miamivores, besides introducing recipes, will also contains information that I’ve gain during my process of learning to make this refreshing desserts, as well as tips to ensure a nice and delicious ice-cream for your family. I’m only an amateur, so if you have any experience and tips please feel free to share.

Banana ice-cream 3

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