Corn milk

The weather in France is starting to get chilly, so of course I crave for something nice and warm. Passing the metro stations these days you can always see carts that sell roasted corn. Looking at the corn in the carts, I suddenly think of corn milk, and the dish keeps haunting my mind for a whole week, so finally I decided to go into the kitchen and make some.

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Corn is pretty much a popular dish that can be eaten all year round, thanks to the amazing technology of processing the corn after harvesting, so even canned corn or frozen corn still keeps their natural taste. However I never use canned or frozen corn for corn milk, simply because beside using the corn kernels, I also use the cob, the husk and the silk, to enhance the corn smell and to get nutritions from them.

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There are a lot of different recipes on the internet. My recipe is derived from reading a lot of recipes, and at the same time tweaking them to suit my taste. Some recipe use milk or condensed milk to make corn milk, sometimes they use both. I prefer using milk since I think it keeps the natural sweetness of the corn, and using unsweetened milk meaning you can add sugar to your taste when you drink it. In addition, most recipes only use sweet corn to make milk, but I also added a field corn to thicken the milk a little bit and add a touch of creaminess to it.

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Black sesame ice-cream (bonus: Black sesame milk & Freezing ice-cream with salt and ice)

The two previous ice-cream recipes that I’ve introduced on Miamivores all belong to the no-fat-added ice-cream family. These kinds of recipe have one drawback, which is the fact that you cannot use them for non-fruit flavored ice-cream. And even no ice-cream with added fat is pretty ‘threatening’ to our waistline, the richness it brings has its own charm. Even though personally I prefer sorbet when it comes to fruit flavor, I still find flavors such as chocolate, mint, vanilla, etc go better with the richness of the added fat.

Today I will introduce a recipe for American style ice-cream, with its main ingredients being milk and heavy cream, the ratio is usually 2 cream : 1 milk : ½ sugar (using cup measurement, I have converted to ml and grams in this recipe). The good news for those of you who want to reduce the fat content is that you can use any kind of milk (soy milk, almond milk, etc), doesn’t have to be cow milk, the proof is right in this recipe where I use black sesame milk to make ice-cream. At the end of this post I will introduce a very quick and fun way to freeze your ice-cream.

Black sesame ice cream 2

I decided to make black sesame ice-cream simply because I am a big fan of black sesame, and I still have more than half of a package in my cupboard tongue the result does not disappoint me at all. The ice-cream is so fragranced, and the nutty taste of the sesame really reduces the fat feeling of the ice-cream. The color may look quite unappetite, but I can assure you it tastes heavenly.

Black sesame ice cream 3

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