Preserved peach & Peach tea with tapioca pearls

Peach season is now in its peak, every time I go to the market or the supermarket there would always be trays of plump and crisp peaches and nectarines on display, and for such a cheap price as well. My refrigerator is therefore always full of white crisp nectarines for dessert, and yellow peaches or nectarines for making preserved peach for peach tea with tapioca pearls. Just imagine, on a hot sunny day, you’re back home and find a big jug of cool peach tea, all the heat will be blown away in an instant.


Preserved peach is surprisingly easy to make, and although I only use it for tea, it can be used in a lot of other dishes like cakes, mousse, ice-cream, etc.

Preserved peach & peach tea

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