Homemade peanut butter

Summer in France is quite long this year, so it’s not until mid-September that there starts to be chilly days. Although it’s not yet frezzingly cold, the chill is enough for me to feel like snuggling in my blanket, read or watch something, and eat some of my favourite food. This chilly weather makes me think of peanut butter. I don’t know why but peanut butter always give me a very warm feeling, and when I feel like having a snack, a few slices of apple with peanut buttle is a very tasty and healthy choice.

Homemade Peanut butter

Peanut butter can be used for breakfast with bread, o you can serve it with apple, banana or carrot as a snack, add a spoonful into a fruit smoothie, make a dipping sauce, or you can even use it in baking, the possibilities are endless. Making peanut butter is one of the simplest thing in the world, you only need to know how to turn on your blender/food processor, the ingredients are simple too soit’s worth it to make yourself a jar right wink

Homemade Peanut butter

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