A sweet remedy: Honey lemon slices

I am not one with the best health, and to top that off I very often catch a cold. Ever since I came to France, the temperature in the winter can go to under 0°C, it’s even more often that I have sore throat or catch a call. Having a sore throat is very uncomfortable, often I wake up with a very dry and hot throat, and it hurts just swallowing my saliva, my head is in a daze the whole day, and I cannot focus on anything!

Honey lemon 2

In times like that, my ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ is one of my favorite and most used food that is also a remedy: Honey lemon slices. Winter is coming (and actually in the mountain areas like where I live, it is very near already, the temperature sometimes go down to almost 0°C, and it rains sometimes the whole day), so I want to share it here. This remedy is very cheap and easy, and takes very little time to make, so Iyou should really give it a try wink

Honey lemon 3

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