Falling in love with Lisbon (Part 2)

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Beside the charming single carriage tram, the rich and sweet egg custard tarts, Lisbon attracts tourists with its architecture style that is a mixture between Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassicism. Taking a walk around Lisbon is to weave your way into narrow alleys that barely fit two people holding hands, to gaze at colourful houses cascading on the hills, and to admire churches and stations with entrance that is finely carved.

Lisbon architecture (1)

Lisbon architecture (5)

Lisbon architecture (2)

Most of all, don’t forget to look down, because Lisbon is full of streets and pavements with artistic mosaic patterns.

Look down (2)

Look down (3)

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Phải lòng Lisbon (Phần 2)

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Falling in love with Lisbon (Part 1)

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Lisboa, A Cidade das Sete Colinas – Lisbon, the city of seven hills

February 2016

Stepping out of the plane, I could not hold myself back from exclaiming “Oh this is perfect!” when I felt the cool breeze passing. Seriously though, comparing to the gray gloomy weather in Paris, Lisbon’s weather was heavenly. The afternoon sunlight was the colour of honey, the sky was as clear and as blue as it could be, the kind of weather that was not too cold nor too hot, just perfect for my family’s plans of visiting the city. This beautiful start of the trip made me that much more excited for my last trip of 2016.

Lisbon hills (4)

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Phải lòng Lisbon (Phần 1)

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A day in Lyon

This Lyon trip happened pretty much out of the blue. It was a fine Friday morning, I was being lazy on my bed and whining to Matthias about how I didn’t get to travel for a really long time. He turned to me and said “There’s a train to Lyon in 1 hour, the price’s cheap, wanna go?”. So allez hop, we changed our clothes and left for the trip.

Vieux Lyon (8)

Lyon is a city in the Rhône-Alpes region, towards the middle east of France, and it’s only about 1 hour and a half by train from Grenoble, so we’ve decided to make it a day trip. Lyon is one of the most beautiful tourism cities of France, and is a city with a long historical culture. I’ve been to Lyon in 2004, visiting my brother who was studying there, however I didn’t know much French at that time, and my brother was busy with school works so we didn’t get to visit a lot of places. This time we took advantage of the 1 hour train ride to consult some online tourism sites and chose some must-see spots, for the rest, we agreed to let…fate lead the way laughing


Bài viết tiếng Việt: Một ngày ở Lyon

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Christmas market in Paris

When I was in elementary school, my concept of Christmas was carefully writing a letter to Santa Claus, telling him how good I was the whole year, what I want for Christmas, promises on how I will even be better the next year. On the night of the 24th, I will go to sleep with excitement and when I wake up on the 25th, a big box of gift will be placed next to me in bed. As I grow older, and know that Santa Claus is no one other than my parents, Christmas for me is a day like any other, with just one exception of my friends and me exchanging greeting cards with each other, but every other thing goes on like normal.

It was not until I came to France, I got a 3-week vacation every Christmas, and the activities to prepare as well as celebrate Christmas here are so colorful, that I got to enjoy a true European Christmas.  One of the most special activities enjoyed by both tourists and locals is to go to a Christmas market (Marché de Noel) in Paris. This is the first Christmas of Miamivores, so I will share with you guys some photos of the Christmas market in Paris.


(Photo: A giant cotton candy that cost 3eur)

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Chợ Noel ở Paris

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Bordeaux (Part 1) : Mirror square – White chocolate tiramisu – Pasushi & Patapas


The trip was from early May, but I was busy with so many things that I kept postponing on writing it. It was not until today when I was looking at some folders on my laptop that I saw all the photos, and told myself that if I don’t start writing then the memories will soon be squished under all the data of my dissertation and daily things that I have to take care of. If that happens, it would be a waste of all the beautiful memories and photos. Plus, my “Travelling” menu should have one opening post to give some motivations for future trips, right? wink

Bordeaux is a port city in southwestern France, and is considered as the world’s major wine industry capital (if you speak about wine, Bordeaux wine would probably be one of the first that come up). Tourists coming to Bordeaux usually go on tours to vineyards and chateau. However we only had 2 days so we decided that we would spend time exploring the city center and nice eating spots big grin although the trip was rather short, we did go around quite a lot and took a good amount of photos, so I will divide this posts into two parts so that it wouldn’t be too long.

Bài viết tiếng Việt: Bordeaux (Phần 1): Quảng trường gương – Tiramisu chocolate trắng – Pasushi & Patapas

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